Saturday, August 18, 2007

What's her name?

Hanako Oshima, the eldest daughter of Kyu Sakamoto, and whad'ya know, she is also a singer. And she sings so beautiful!

I have never really listened to Hanako before, due to the difficultly to find her music. But today when I discovered her homepage had been updated and given a slightly nicer touch, and even a sample of her singing "Miagetegoran yoru no hoshi wo". It's really beautiful, please take a look.

Friday, August 17, 2007

Two kings, lost in a week

In the end of July and the beginning of august I have been getting more and more taken by Elvis and his voice, he was an excellent singer and performer. And of course Kyu-chan was very found of him, in an interview from the early 80's Kyu told us that; "I waited from early dawn just to get a good seat to "Love me tender" that was back in Kyu's young days, (1957) he was 16 years old, just like me, (I'm 16, i wasn't 16 in '57). Well, I realised now that Elvis died 8 years before Kyu, and 4 days after Kyu "12th august - 16th august". So I will remember both these dates as, "the days when music died". And I made another image, let's call it "one of the biggest concerts that never was performed". Take care everyone!

P.S. There has been a "HUGE" update on Kyu Sakamotos official website, please take a look!

Sunday, August 12, 2007

"Today, 22 years ago"

Yes, 22 years ago a warm day in august, Japan airlines flight 123 crashed landed in the prefecture of Gunma next outside the little town of Ueno. 520 people died in the instant when the plane was destroyed after hitting the mountainside "Osutaka-no-One" due to the extreme g-force or later when the cold night sank over the crash site of scattered debris and people. As many of you know Kyu Sakamoto died in this tragic crash, and after some research I found out that the forensics later confirmed that Kyu-chan died in the crash itself not on the ground, which must have spared him from furhter suffering after knowing he was going to die. So today I give a thought to all those people, and please watch a "short" video I made to commemorate this day on Youtube:

P.S If you can read Japanese, please look at Hanako Oshima's blog (Kyu Sakamotos daughter). She made a short input today.

Friday, August 10, 2007

Update on new album

HMV have now released the tracklisting of the new album. Most of the songs are old classics, but there are some that I have never heard of before, like "死の果てまでも (Even to death of end)" and "七つの子 (Seven children)".

Saturday, August 04, 2007

One step to 9

I made a picture for the One ste to 9 organisation, and I'm quite happy with the resutl:) But I don't know where to put it. So I will just post it here, I guess no one will see it but still...:S